Friederike Linscheid

Friederike Linscheid

“The fact that the classical guitar is still evolving is a challenge for me, and the creative freedom that this offers me is one of the great joys of my profession.” Guitar making combines in a fascinating way music, design and acoustics.”

Friederike Linscheid makes traditional guitars gradually evolved since her apprenticeship in Mittenwald. Her artisanal-intuitive approach is complemented by measurements, e.g. in the choice of material. She approaches the precise work with well selected woods essential for sound and appearance and with consistency of shape and color.

The bracing of the top is a lighter variation of that designed by Robert Bouchet. The top descends in the upper bout on the treble side only, creating an elevated fingerboard to improve the playability and sound projection in the high trebles. The rather small plantilla reduces the top, therefore reducing the mass of the vibrating surface, ensuring good response. By way of compensation the high sides increase the body volume giving the bass its deep character.

Friederike Linscheid’s concert guitars have great projection, a wide color palette, warm basses and singing trebles.
Her collaborative workshop with Adrian Heinzelmann is located in Berlin Schöneberg near Bayrischer Platz.



Friederike Linscheid
Stübbenstraße 10
10779 Berlin-Schöneberg
Telephone: +49 (0)30 28 42 40 41

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