Susanna Schulz

Susanna Schulz

Since the year 2008, Susanna Schulz has constructed traditional spanish classical and flamenco guitars in her Berlin-Moabit workshop.

Inspired by her father’s workshop from a young age, Susanna Schulz studied the art of guitar making in Bavarian Mittenwald. For her, this profession unites handicrafts, design, acoustics and music. As a result of her studies in musicology, her involvement in music ethnology and especially experimental music archaeology, she has a scientific approach as well as a couriosity about unusual materials and working processes.

Susanna Schulz follows her own precept of good guitar sound, selecting woods carefully by their tone and elasticity. She has developed and used a bracing system since 1998, based on Antonio de Torres and Robert Bouchet, continually refining it to emphasize the essential tone of the top. The original sound of the top is maintained during this procedure.
Her classical guitars are light in construction, have a clear and transparent sound with an overall bright colour and sustaining basses which ensure good projection. Fast attack and easy handling attract guitarists with small hands; Susanna Schulz specially offers instruments with shorter scales. She attends to perfect intonation throughout the fingerboard range, and increasingly uses steel frets.
The use of tinted varnishes enhances the beauty of the woods in a special way.


Susanna Schulz
Atelier für Gitarrenbau
Wilhelmshavener Str. 24
10551 Berlin – Moabit
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